Your Crown Home is covered by limited warranties that apply to material and workmanship as noted below. Please review the complete warranty document carefully as it provides many helpful care and maintenance procedures to give you a better understanding of your new home. In addition, the following guidelines will help explain the procedures for requesting customer service work and the parameters of work which are regarded as homeowner maintenance.
While we will provide service on the vast majority of covered items reported, some items requested will simply not be covered by warranty. We will explain such instances to you in detail as they occur. We believe that after reading the warranty manual, our homeowners will have a more complete understanding of the coverage provided.  

The following items are conditions which are NOT considered an emergency:

  • Dripping faucet.
  • Leak at drains under sinks or lavatories where valves can be turned off to stop the leak.
  • One toilet or one sink stopped up.
  • Lights out in any part of the house.
  • Loss of hot water.
  • Garbage disposal jam/blockage.
  • Oven or microwave not working – Call the Manufacturer.
  • Problems with the range / cook top – Call the Manufacturer.
To facilitate a better understanding of what is an emergency, the following conditions are considered emergencies and will be given priority scheduling:
  • Total stoppage of the plumbing or sewer system during the first thirty (30) days after the close of escrow (but not if one toilet or sink is stopped and the others are operating).
  • A water leak which requires the water service to be shut off to avoid serious damage to the home or furnishings.
  • Complete loss of heat or air conditioning.
  • Total loss of electrical service.
  • Furnace/Home Heating inoperative with an outside temperature of 45 degrees or less.
  • Broken water line
  • – main service. (Leaks involving a supply to a sink, lavatory, or toilet is NOT an emergency as these can be turned off at the valves located below each fixture.)
  • Gas leak – Call PG&E   1-800-743-5000
  • Significant water leak from rain water intrusion
Remember, you can often solve an emergency or reduce its effects on your home by shutting off main valves or circuit breaker switches until service can be arranged.  You should assume responsibility for protection of your home and your personal property from possible damage in an emergency.  Warranty service may not be available if an emergency is the result of homeowner’s improper or unsafe activities. 

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